AZ Video Production: Do it in a video that will leave an impression

There is no reason why your business or your promotion does not have a video to showcase your product or event! Let the AZ Video Production team at Vision BLOQ handle that task fro you.  And when we say task, we mean taking the idea, developing it, presenting the idea to you, and making it happen

AZ Video Production Portfolio

Music and entertainment has always been a passion of the business.  This is probably why you see a-lot of samples that deal with this niche.  PLEASE don’t get us misunderstood; the style of video composition can be applied to any industry. Keep on playing the samples throughout the page to see how we go from producing videos for Rick Ross to a promo for a Exotic Car business.

The Beauty Beyond Elegance Hair show held here in Phoenix, Arizona. Shot. Chopped. And put this video together for this big event.

The Super Bowl was an amazing moment in Arizona history, and we had the chance to produce videos for various nightlcub venues across the valley!

DOC’s Place was due fro a facelift when it came to promoting their brand.  What a beter way than with Vision BLOQ to give them that special JAZZY touch!

Camacho Cigars had a promotional relationship with Mr. Rick Ross fofr this event.  They tasked us to tie it together!

Some of the most well known exotic car companies allowed Vision BLOQ to product this video that was meant to showcase in Las Vegas about the Exotic Car Wrapping for sponsor visibility.

An amazing experience we had learning about child abuse and how to bring that to awareness.  Some thought it was not a simple task to showcase this topic in the right light, but they felt we did a fine job.  Please take a moment…

This was a Jet-setters proposal for Maybach Music for the NBA Allstars party in Orlando.  Concept: to fly in Rozay, and have 4 continents separated by the jet inside the hangar.

MLB Allstar summoned Vision BLOQ to put together a video for them while they were here in the valley.  We succedded to do a promo for every single venue that spanned 3 blocks across down town Phoenix.

Lets get a LARGER FONT ON this section! We met with NBC television to propose a new show that would be aired weekly.  It was called “Jazz in The Jet!”  Here is the video concept that pretty much blew their socks off!

As you can see from the sample videos above, Vision BLOQ has a very unique style of videos that have been put together.  We have done it all from small productions to very well known musicians and more! There isn’t anything that we cannot do…well except for virtual reality.