User Experience Design Company

Vision BLOQ is your User Experience Design Company provides the User Experience Design and shapes the development of products and services based on what your user understands AND requires to accomplish their goals. This is accomplished by being a facilitator and communicator, ensuring that the right user information is uncovered and conveyed to project stakeholders.


What is your target audience and how will they interact with your website? Or landing page? Or email? Our personas are based on real people and solid research that is applicable to your specific industry.We focus on the key goals that user groups must achieve, their behaviors and their attitudes while completing their goals.  

Ultimately, we help you understand what decisions you need to make that will help your users and not hinder them.

User Experience Design Company
User Experience Design Company


The task Model is something that we feel will transform your project! It is one of the most important elements in a design deliverable. Want to know why? Because it shows what your users do, the behavior they adopt along the process, and specific requirements at each decision stage. Vision BLOQ builds your product/service around these findings because we know that more successful events happen when a user expects them to happen and IT ACTUALLY DOES! Ultimately we help bring the team into focus on how the user behaves and what information they need to complete their goal. ​


A good user journey reflects the behavior uncovered in the task model, which is developed through research and observation. Vision BLOQ ensures that the task model AND the user journey match; this is an important way of checking that the system being created meets the needs of the user. We show the steps that the user goes through to complete a task or goal with interactions and paths NOT showing the desired user behavior.​

User Experience Design Company

Let Vision BLOQ begin your User Experience Design Company!


CONTENT IS KING! And every single project we have worked on and every piece of research we have conducted touches on text and images that need to be presented to the user. We focus on the user needs and what content needs to be provided to enable the user to fulfill their goal!​


We tie the structure of the site and how each page will be linked together during development through a sitemap. Generally this is used for creating a new online presence, but also is used to evaluate what the current state of your website is in, and if each element of the site makes sense. We do not always map out your complete site as this can become outdated very quickly, but we map out main sections of your site that needs addressed when it comes to auditing content and creative assets.​

User Experience Design Company
User Experience Design Company


Like an engineer’s blueprint or an architect’s drawings, our wireframes become that glue that holds the product, technical, design, and management teams together. This can TRUELY transform a project and make it REAL. And these “wires” are perfect to get in front of your user to validate that the approach works!

Three elements that we focus on:

How does it feel?
Does the user interface respond and act as the user wants it to?
How does it look?
Is the interface design clear and well structured?
How does it work? I
s the page intuitive and responsive on all mobile devices? Is the functionality compatible with the browsers being targeted?


See why it is so important for user experience to be injected into every page of your site.